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About Us

Who We Are

Welcome to Ninh Hiep News – We have worked hard over the years to earn the trust of our readers and business partners by posting articles on our multimedia news platform. Information, ratings, instructions, health-related publications, and presents of great value for the reader.

The Ninh Hiep News contains the following:

  • Asia market updates and global fashion trends. The articles discuss the origin of the textile industry’s raw materials, the design of fashion boutiques, etc.
  • Articles regarding marketing trends, recommendations for businesspeople, or how to engage on social networks are sold on e-commerce sites.
  • Everything revolves around life. Women and family-related articles are also of considerable interest.
  • Style life and feng shui, we are investing in the quality of future publications by researching these subjects.
  • And several useful articles on further subjects…

Ninh Hiep News has been nurtured and cultivated for a very long time, beginning with people who are enthusiastic about sharing useful knowledge with the community, and we have grown our reach with each step.

Our adaptive business strategy involves customers at each level of their decision-making process. Enabling our business partners to accomplish their objectives through brand advertising, performance marketing, e-commerce, and brand recognition.

We intend to surpass 1 million monthly visits in the near future. When individuals require assistance with their professional, health, and personal life concerns, our top “Sponsored” recommendations include helpful guides, goods, and services. Unique presents for readers…

Our Core Values


Our objective is to give you with more information, assistance with decision making, and to constantly look out for your best. Everything we do is motivated by the pleasure of helping others.


At Ninh Hiep News, we have a large number of excellent writers and coworkers. Everyone be free to work and contribute to the best of their abilities in a dynamic, laid-back environment.


Audiences visiting Ninh Hiep News have distinct intention and objectives. The purpose of our content is to educate, inform, and encourage individuals to make the greatest decisions possible.


Ninh Hiep News is autonomous in its content editing practices. We uphold the journalistic code of ethics and foster an environment conducive to the free flow of accurate, impartial information.


Our objective is to assist our audience in making the best choices, which is also vital to our advertising partnerships. Our audience visits us for a specific reason, thus we employ first-party data and content to capture user interaction, which results in success in advertiser’s.


We always aim to present our users with the most efficient means of information discovery. Our cutting-edge technological platform enables us to engage with our readers, who include decision-makers, purchasers, and merchants.

Contacts Us:
Owner: Ninh Hiep News
Mobile: 0962 259 263
Email: moc.swenpeihhninobfsctd@nimda
Adress: Lot CN-02-2-1, Ninh Hiep Industrial Cluster, Ninh Hiep Commune, Gia Lam, Hanoi

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